The Citrus Valley Football Blackhawk Boosters are raising funds to help with extreme medical costs. Nelson has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia and is in the hospital fighting this battle. He is part of our Blackhawk Football Family and any help is appreciated.
“No One FIGHTS Alone”

There have been many ways through the years here at Citrus Valley Football that Coaches and Captains decide how the team and individuals earn their “Wings” (Blackhawk helmet stickers), Meeting spring/summer practice goals, first varsity win, meeting academic and community service expectations. This one is the most courageous and arduous:

How to earn your wings at CV Football?

Beat the HECK out of Cancer (Leukemia), not only once but keep fighting it again for the second time!

This hard working sophomore Scholar Athlete, football and rugby player is all about toughness and perseverance!!

He needs our help!

Thoughts and prayers for Nelson Natividad,

His Family needs your help with medical expenses,
We will all be so greatfull for nay help at all.

Thank you very much,

Walking On The Edge Of Life

© Lorna Mahan

Published on November 2007

The world keeps moving forward

as time stands still for me,

I am the kid with Cancer,

locked in battle to be free.

For all us kids on chemo

our lives are put on hold,

As we fight to stay alive,

our chances good we’re told.

Our attitude is courage

we live this life each day,

Just waiting for tomorrow,

praying cancer goes away.

Walking on the edge of life

We’re never looking down,

United here in front of you,

until a cure is found.

©2007 By Lorna Mahan & Sinjin Andrukates


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